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The mechanics of mind

Created: 2009
Original mandala:
felt pen, metallic pen
8in x 8in
(21cm x 21cm)

The mechanics of mind, mandala for meditaiton, healing and decoration, by Prem Shashi; gouache and metal pen; purples, pinks, green, orange, gold

Digital version background: Photoshop

Various sizes and formats 


IT MAY LOOK AND FEEL at least partly organic, but much of mind seems in the end to be no more than a mechanism, a tool without true intelligence, blindly caught in endlessly repeating patterns, and cluttered with unnecessary embellishments and affectations. Thoughts spring up from other thoughts, seemingly keen and fresh and thrusting forwards into uncharted ground, but seen from above in the clear light of consciousness, these thought forms are merely dancing around in a circle, trapped forever within the same limited horizons. 

However beguilingly colourful and elaborately wrought this whirling world of mind may seem, there is no fresh air inside, no space for true growth or creativity. If we are to realise our full potential, we have to step out from this mechanism and into the unmappable spaces beyond.

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