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The galleries

The mandalas are divided into five themed galleries:

Eternal light


Mandalas reflecting the cosmic forces which govern and generate the vast omniverse in which we find ourselves, and which ripple through our world, and within our microcosm

Birds who have flown


Designs exploring the forces of nature – the matrix and the mirror of the natural world, the Earth's splendour and its role as our home while we are incarnate

Meditation in the marketplace


Mandalas reflecting more of the human realm – the social structures and stories in which we live our lives, the emotional atmospheres we inhabit

Thoughts of a madman


Images illustrating the energies of the mind – the subtle realms of thought and feeling, as well as the pure clear consciousness that lies beyond both

Geometry of light

The jewel box

A series of gem-like glimpses, flashes of light emerging from a deep dark vacuum – snapshots of crystalline clarity from a realm of essences

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