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If you have enjoyed looking at these mandalas and would like to purchase a mandala print (or one of the artist's books or the Mandalascope deck), or if you require any further information, please use the form below to contact us.

The mandalas from the Cosmos, Nature, Humanity and Mind galleries are available in the form of canvas giclée prints (size negotiable, but smaller designs may not print well much above about 15in x 15in (40cm x 40cm); most of the larger designs will print well up to 36in x 36in (1m x 1m); the largest designs will print fine at even larger sizes). Printed on a 12-colour printer in inks that should last 50-100 years, these can be supplied as a rolled canvas, or stretched on a wooden frame and ready for hanging.

All designs can also be printed on photo paper as a high-quality poster. Most will look best at around the same size as the original mandala in this format.

Prints can also be hand-signed by the artist on request.

The price will depend on the size of the print ordered, whether stretched or unstretched, whether hand-signed, and post and packaging costs (the prints will normally be produced in and sent from India).

The artist's two books – Curious Adventures in Verse, featuring four unlikely tales written in highly rhythmical rhyming verse, and The troublesome Turrets, a fantastical and somewhat nonsensical novel of magic and mystery (both authored as Helio Sentrica) are also available on request. 

To visit the artist's photographic digital art website galleries please go to

There is a large 2023 calendar of the mandalas published in Germany by



Past exhibitions and press coverage:


In June 2006, the German edition of Osho Times ( ran a six-page feature on my work. 

A solo exhibition of mandala prints ran at the Osho Galleria ( in New Delhi, India, from 23 March 2007, for a month. 

From September 2007-February 2008, a number of prints were hung in the therapy rooms at Moving Arts Base (sadly, now closed) in London – just the kind of healing space in which these works ideally belong. On Wednesday 1 October 2008, also at Moving Arts Base, I performed the whirling for the first time in the UK to open an exhibition sale of mandala prints that, in the end, ran until 29 August 2009, with many prints sold. 

From 18 October 2010 until 29 November 2010, giclée prints of the mandalas were on display in Amsterdam at the well-known esoteric bookshop/café/gallery, Himalaya.

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