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Inner eyes

Created: 1999
Original mandala:
gel pen
8in x 8in
(21cm x 21cm)

gel pen; purples, jade, bronze

Digital version background: Photoshop

Various sizes and formats 


THERE ARE SOME WHO TAKE mind-expanding drugs to escape for a while from the banality of life outside – or life inside – the mind. Others view such substances as a short cut to the realms beyond the mind, a quick and easy glimpse of nirvana or paradise. Perhaps they may spend a few hours in some psychedelically marvellous other world, but it will always fade away again, and the daily world to which they must return will seem duller, or no sweeter, than before. 


There is no need for temporary escape from a mundane reality when the inner eyes of consciousness have been cultivated enough to remain ever open wide and watchful over your internal and external worlds. The inner eye understands that you cannot escape from yourself or your life, but if you can stay present to whatever is there, whether dull and dreary or dramatic and demanding, all the disparate elements in the mandala that is your life start to fall gradually into a more coherent and harmonious arrangement. In this small design, a number of seemingly unrelated and discordant forms have been drawn into rudimentary alignment, under the unblinking gaze of the inner eye. The journey towards integration has begun.

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