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The end and the beginning

Created: 2003
Original mandala: felt pen, metal pen
12in x 12in (30cm x 30cm)

The end and the beginning_edited.jpg

Digital version background: Photoshop

Various sizes and formats 

FROM LOVE WE ARE BORN and to love we shall return, and so we spin out from the source and back in again on a never-ending spiral of hearts. This great galaxy of love is ultimately more real than those made of stars and darkness, although it appears as a child's drawing in bright colours and simple shapes.


It seems a sweet fantasy, a soft funnel of hearts like cushions, like some children's game to fall down into the centre of and bounce around in for a while, safely protected from the world by a wall of padded hearts. Yet, if we could only see this reality, live from within this reality, then how much softer and safer the world would become.

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