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From nothingness into being

Created: 2002
Original mandala: acrylic, gel pen
12in x 12in (30cm x 30cm)

From nothingness into being_edited.jpg

Digital version
background: Photoshop

Various sizes available

JELALUDDIN RUMI sang of a beloved so beautiful that at the sight of her 'the atoms of the universe came forth dancing, from nothingness into being'. Here they have come, from out of the nothingness that is at the centre of everything, the fire and the water, the earth and the air, to build the universe through their dance. 


There is so much joy in this unfolding – the vibrancy of the fire, the vigour of the fresh green leaves and the clear blue brilliance of the water. And the five-pointed form favoured by nature in a thousand flowers and fruits makes a vast, fertile seed from which to grow the universe.

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