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Eternal light

Created: 2002
Original mandala: felt pen, gel pen
18in x 18in (46cm x 46cm)

Eternal light, mandala for meditation and healing, in pink, yellow, orange and turquoise by Prem Shashi

Digital version background: Photoshop

Various sizes and formats 


WHEN NOTHING ELSE WAS, light was there. Light that comes radiating and rippling out through the cosmos in waves and in whorls, light that forms into a trillion dancing suns and stars, light that shines also within human hearts. Light that gives life, light that dazzles and delights, light that mystifies.

Here, light is dancing in tune with the laws of the cosmos, controlling its explosive brilliance within an orderly, balanced pattern. Only the light that burns in the human heart moves independently of this crystalline regularity, its wayward waves lending a note of dynamism and difference to the vision. Yet even the human heart remains held within the greater harmony of the whole.

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