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Created: 2023
Original mandala:
acrylic, gel pen
17in x 17in
(44cm x 44cm)


Digital version background: Photoshop

Various sizes and formats 


FROM OUT OF THE FERTILE DARKNESS of the primal void, these musicians are conjuring forth and spinning out the thread of the melody they are co-creating. The music flows through and around them, drawing its life from them until they themselves are almost absorbed back into the background – vessels and vehicles used by the spirit of the music that possesses them, subsumed into the greater whole. They become like ghosts; the outlines of their bodies forming part of the larger pattern that is like the cymatic imprint of the notes they play.


As these musicians co-create the melody that unfolds through their heads and hearts and hands, so humanity collectively creates the reality we live in. The shape the world takes is not separate from our thoughts and feelings. All of us together share with the Creator the responsibility for the Creation. The cymatic patterns that are formed by the co-resonance of all our individual frequencies manifest the world. So we should each of us be mindful of our part in the harmony – or the disharmony – that we perceive in the Whole. 

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