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Celtic kaleidoscope

Created: 2015
Original mandala:
16.5in x 16.5in
(42cm x 42cm)

Celtic kaleidoscope, mandala for meditation, healing and decoration, by Prem Shashi; gouache; green, pink, purple, orange

Digital version background: Photoshop

Various sizes and formats 


ALTHOUGH MUSCULAR AND GROUNDED, the warrior who stands behind this bejewelled, radiant Celtic shield fights for no worldly cause. His business is to protect the three eternally entwined realms of nature, humanity and spirit from all that threaten them in every age. His steps are light as a dancer, as he draws on the combined powers and wisdom of all three realms to give him the means to outwit his adversary. His is an ancient knowing, still glowing with echoes of the richly lived life of Atlantis. 


The three realms are interwoven into a kaleidoscopic crown of Celtic knotwork, each part impossible to untangle from the others, as they support and complement each other. In this magical union, the vitality of the whole is felt, like a stained-glass window that catches the sunlight in its majestic rainbow, or a song that is sung to an ancient Celtic harp, and sets the rocks and the sky to resonate with the haunting fullness of its melody. The warrior knows that no matter how thuggish or treacherous or underhand those who seek to break this sacred bond between the realms may be, they can never succeed when his heart is whole behind the shield. 

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