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Guardians of the heart

Created: 2021
Original mandala:
16.5in x 16.5in
(42cm x 42cm)

Guardians of the heart, mandala for meditation, healing and decoration, by Prem Shashi; gouache; 12 women and 48 cats, in green, brown, azur, pink, maroon, orange

Digital version background: Photoshop

Various sizes and formats 


IN A TIME WHEN THE COLD, disconnected, digital, inorganic construct of the synthetic threatens to rend asunder, conquer and subvert every human heart, every cell of the living web of life, standing as one connected whole against the soulless invader is critical. Twelve wise women, their forty-eight cats and a chain of interlaced flowering plants form a circle of protection around the entire living realm.


Seemingly fragile, the formation they create draws great strength and power from its cohesiveness, its coherence and its unity of purpose. By resonating with and integrating the waves of light now flowing from the galactic core, they are radiating more than enough love to overpower an enemy whose force has lain only in its darkness and deception. Through chaos and terror, through endless division and distortion, the agents of the synthetic have long lain siege to life and sought to decimate and destroy all that is natural and loving. But all who choose to stand as guardians of the heart become a part of this splendid and delicate emerging forcefield of resistance.

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