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Dance of Shakti

Created: 2001
Original mandala: watercolour and metal pen
17in x 17in (44cm x 44cm)

Dance of Shakti, mandala for meditation, healing and decoration by Prem Shashi, gouache and metal pen, in red, purple and gold

Digital version background: Photoshop

Various sizes and formats 


SHAKTI – EVEN THE NAME the Hindus gave to their goddess of power is charged, clicking and ticking with raw electricity. And here, as she dances, great ripples and waves of wild energy swirl and eddy out to the furthest reaches of the cosmos, gathering in great jagged starbursts and pylons of radiating power. The air is aflame with the strength of the charge, piled up in fiery thunderclouds, shot through with lightning and cascading rivers of this elemental energy.


Yet, there is order within such a seemingly chaotic explosion. It is a dance with a regular, even delicate choreography, and as it surges outwards to the edge of everything, so it is pulled back in towards the centre again, in obeissance to an eternal ebb and flow that is the cosmic flux.

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