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Crystal of life

Created: 2006
Original mandala:
7in x 7in
(18cm x 18cm)

Crystal of life, mandala for meditation, healing and decoration, by Prem Shashi; bindis; black, gold and rainbow colours

Not available as a canvas print. Print on photo paper possible in small sizes.

A crystalline form built of crystalline forms, filled with brilliance and colour, and suggesting the extraordinary richness and beauty of life at the microscopic level. Worlds within worlds, unfurling in infinite detail yet more of the ways in which consciousness has chosen to express itself, and to dazzle and bewilder our minds.

Even on this minute scale, the architecture of nature remains as carefully structured as the greatest of our human achievements. There is harmony, beauty and intelligence at the heart of existence, not because of any external god engaged in intelligent design, but because these qualities are inherent in consciousness itself, so it cannot manifest in any other way – except when its processes are being interfered with by human agencies out of tune with the life principle.

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