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The spring of my lord

Created: 2002
Original mandala:
16.5in x 16.5in
(42cm x 42cm)

The spring of my Lord, mandala for meditation, healing and decoration, by Prem Shashi; watercolour; forest scene in greens, reds, cerulean

Digital version background: Photoshop

Various sizes and formats 


TAKE A WALK in this circular forest on a fine spring morning (in the spring of my Lord, the leaves can be red; it is no matter). Feel alive to the song of the birds as it splashes joyfully through the forest, to the bubbling of the brook as it tumbles into the pool, to the sharp, fresh scent of the bright green air. See the rabbit nibbling timidly in the clearing, the frog sunning himself on his lily pad, and maybe even a deer passing under the trees. And all of it is dancing around the sun, the sun who is shining in the singing sky.

Stand in this living temple and keen your senses, awaken your wonder, so that you are fully alive to all the splendours offered to you in this and every moment. 

I stumbled upon some lines by Henry Vaughan, the English Metaphysical poet, that seem the perfect verbal equivalent of this mandala: 


'…heark! In what Rings
And Hymning Circulations the quick world 
Awakes, and sings; 
The rising winds,
And falling springs, 
Birds, beasts, all things 
Adore him in their kinds.
Thus all is hurl'd 
In sacred Hymnes, and Order, The great Chime 
And Symphony of nature. Prayer is 
The world in tune, 
A spirit-voyce, 
And vocall joyes
Whose Eccho is heav'ns blisse.'
(from The Morning-watch)

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