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Spirits in the sky

Created: 2002
Original mandala:
gel pen
17in x 17in
(43cm x 43cm)

Spirits in the sky, mandala for meditation, healing and decoration by Prem Shashi, watercolour and gel pen, in blues and greens

Digital version background: Photoshop

Various sizes and formats 


WE ARE NOT ALONE. Ever and always with us are those mystics from down the centuries who have dissolved into the cosmos and become one with the vast consciousness that is the whole. Like stars in the sky, their enlightened eyes watch over us all, a benevolent presence that wills us gently on with our own journeys towards that ultimate state.


These eyes are like points of softly radiating energy and light, sending waves of divine love out across the empty stillness of the cosmos. The serene soundlessness of their gaze is as deep and eternal as the silence of the stars. Hush a moment to feel the presence of this unending peace.

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