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Dance of desires

Created: 2001
Original mandala:
felt pen, gel pen
6in x 6in
(15cm x 15cm)

Dance of desires, mandala for meditation, healing and decoration, by Prem Shashi; gelt pen, gel pen; red, pink, light grey

Digital version background: Photoshop

Various sizes and formats 


THIS SMALL DESIGN, with its juicy strawberries and cream colours, reflects the complex play of our desires, as they leap so lightly from object to object, filling our lives with their frenetic but thrilling dance of longing. Faster and faster, more and more, so divine and delicious they all appear. How can we ever get enough? 

But shadowing and echoing the strawberry hues, at every step of the delirious dance, lurks another shade: a dull, steely grey, whose dreary colourlessness imparts no flavour of life at all. What is this intimately interwoven drabness? It is the flatness that returns so soon after a desire is fulfilled. It is the place of rest, the neutral screen against which desires take flight and colour. It is the ache of desires that remain beyond our reach. It is the endless inner emptiness that even satisfied desire cannot quite fill.

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