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Wave power

Created: 2008
Original mandala:
gel pen
8in x 8in
(21cm x 21cm)

Wave power, mandala for meditation, healing and decoration by Prem Shashi; watercolour and gel pen; lime, jade, blue, red, light grey

Digital version background: Photoshop

Various sizes and formats 


PERHAPS WE ARE LOOKING into the eye of the storm, the whirlpool that draws all that cannot withstand its power into a swirling vortex. There is more force in this fluid flux of water than in the steel girders it has swept into its turbid dance. The flexible and flowing proves stronger than the rigid, which becomes ungainly and awkward when pulled free from the safety of fixed foundations.

Still, the whirlpool’s wild energy is neither purely destructive nor chaotic. It has brought the girders into new configurations, a more harmonious arrangement that better befits a living, changing world. While all around them froth and foam fly in cheerful abandon, and the fresh, light waves seem to celebrate. To flow with the waves when they come is more relaxing than fighting against them; at the centre of the whirlpool there is stillness and peace.

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